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In-Season Performance Training

Titans players are encouraged to participate in 365 Academy's In-Season Performance Training Program. The program is designed to improve speed, agility, power, and explosiveness for better performance and injury prevention

Big Dogs Baseball is now...


High School Prep Program

Titans baseball is a youth baseball program created to prepare players for success at the high school level. Our staff is made up of experienced high school coaches who know what it takes for players to perform at that level, and we work with 365 Academy to provide a comprehensive player development program that includes skill development, physical training, and competitive experiences. We currently offer programs for players 11-14 years old.

Big Things are Coming...

We are incredibly excited to announce that Justin Hawkins is joining the organization this Fall, bringing with him a decade's worth of experience in travel ball and high school coaching. Justin has coached for Bombers Baseball and North Bay Stings, and is currently the head coach at San Domenico High School. Justin is a passionate instructor and team-builder who knows how to get the best out of his players in a fun and supportive environment. Justin will be the head coach for the 11U, 7th-grade, and 8th-grade middle school teams.  


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